The Fastest Way for You to Get Started on The Mediterranean Diet!

What You'll Discover in this challenge

A Powerful But Quick 7 Days

You're motivated now, so take advantage! Seven days will fly by, but it's just long enough to get into the Mediterranean lifestyle and build great habits.

Delicious Food - Done for You!

You'll get a full week of Mediterranean meal plans, filled with our best recipes. It's all set up so that you don't have to worry at all.

The Mediterranean Lifestyle

Learn about the Mediterranean Lifestyle and you'll never think about "Dieting" again...

Support + Community

We're here to support you. But even better, we also have a strong, active community of people to cheer you on and offer tips.

What Others Are Saying:

Ashley Bauman

"Day 6 of my first challenge! Feeling great doing The Mediterranean Diet. Thank You!"

Arlyne Marella

"So much easier when you have a set meal plan! Already on day 4 and I'm feeling healthier."

Marisa Moore

"I'm almost done with this challenge and my way of eating has changed. I've struggled before, but the easy meal plan makes it easy to stick to!"

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