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Dear friend,

I'm about to share a bizarre story for you

It’s about a woman named Jordan Corley, a 41-year-old out-of-shape accountant and mother of two who nearly dropped dead from a heart attack.

What I found inspiring is that Jordan lost over 40 pounds to save her life.

Jordan achieved this miracle without pills, surgeries or gut-wrenching workouts!

You might be shocked when you learn about the method she used to eradicate body fat and give her the youthful energy to go with it.

Sharon had battled her weight for years. She’d tried every weight loss fad and followed the advice of “fitness gurus” who preached tons of cardio and crazy diets.

The real breakthrough came out of nowhere, backed up by independent clinical research from some of the world’s top universities, and I had to go overseas to find out about it. It would change Sharon’s life.

This weight loss method is so astonishingly effective, I’ve retired from the Marine Corps so I can dedicate my life to sharing this miraculous secret with everyone who wants to shed pounds and improve their health.

I’m going to tell you about the lies that create roadblocks to weight loss.

One big lie is that salty foods are a hindrance to losing weight. It sounds crazy, but a lack of salt lowers the pH level in your stomach, so you can’t burn fat. It also leads to digestive problems, making you feel bloated and gassy.

Another lie is that all vegetables are good for you. Some veggies create a serious thyroid imbalance that builds fat in your gut, no matter how much you work out.

Studies have shown that excessive cardio speeds up the aging process, is ineffective at burning fat, and can cause serious heart conditions like arterial plaque buildup, oxidative stress, and scar tissue on the heart, leading to deadly heart attacks.

It goes everything we've been taught.

What about the scientifically proven fact that fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free and low-carb diets make you fatter because of two body-fattening amino acids that are hiding in many foods you’ve been led to believe are healthy?

They both deliver deadly trans-fats right into your bloodstream, destroying the body's metabolic system and bringing the production of thyroid hormones to a grinding halt – directly resulting in increased fat storage, specifically around your stomach and thighs.

And according to WebMD, people who overdo exercise have shorter life spans and put themselves at greater risk for heart attack. The early symptoms of heart attack are shortness of breath and chest pains, but exercise over-achievers think it’s because they’ve had a good workout.

Here's Something that might tick you off.

All the so-called “stars” on Nutrisystem’s success stories page are bogus, and I’ll show you proof.

In my opinion, these fit bodies are not the result of eating expensive, pre-packaged Nutrisystem foods!

I’ll tell you the truth about how super-fit celebrities lose weight so quickly.

Best of all, I’ll tell you exactly how Jordan Corley lost over 40 pounds and just dodged leaving her husband a widower.

You’ll learn the exact fat-burning system that’s been scientifically tested and proven to melt fat away with incredible speed, skyrocket your energy levels, balance your body chemistry, and ramp up your sex drive – so quickly, safely, and effectively that you’ll wonder why Dr. Oz and Dr. Phil haven’t been talking about it for years.

This method lets you transform your body without drugs, surgeries, expensive supplements, exhausting workouts, motivational rituals, or overpriced fitness garbage.

This system has proven to work for folks of any age, body type, and state of health because it's based on sound physiological and anatomical principles of the human body's natural functions

The weight loss industry isn’t happy about what I’m doing. It makes tens of billions of dollars by cleverly marketing fads like the TLC Diet, Slim Fast, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig and South Beach, and they’re threatened by the information I’m going to share. I’m exposing the lies they use to bilk people out of billions each year… more than $61 billion as of 2010, based on a Marketdata study of the U.S. weight loss industry alone.

They don’t want me to show people like you how to lose weight without losing money.

What’s astonishing is that everything I was previously led to believe about nutrition and body fat was wrong! I had to leave the country to stumble on the proven secrets you’re going to learn about right here.

Just like the


other regular folks who used this method

But don’t take my word for it. I’ll show you verifiable facts.

Imagine waking up tomorrow with as much energy as you had in your twenties – even if you’re 70 now! Watch as day by day, your stubborn belly starts to dissolve. You’ll look and feel healthier than you have in decades.

And you’ll discover that the symptoms of major health issues, like hyperthyroidism, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, chronic joint pain and more, no longer stop you from living life to the fullest. It will reaffirm your faith – or make you a believer.

The secret I'm about to reveal to is so simple and so. easy, and the results so dramatic that it may seem unbelievable

I felt the same way when I learned about the incredible proven science behind a hidden fat-burning cycle that Westerners don’t know about. I thought it was more health mumbo jumbo.

As a woman trying everything out there, I feel like there was no hope.

I watched the results of out-of-shape, middle-aged women using this program, who are in their 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s, , and rapidly transformed into lean, healthy, and energetic people.

And I watched Jordan slim down within weeks. It’s one thing to whip soldiers into shape, but she was an overweight civilian.

Nothing can replace the feeling of witnessing their success and seeing life-altering results with tens of thousands of people just like you and me.

What I’m about to share will give you a lean and healthy body, plus the confidence you’ve always wanted.

Most mind-blowing of all, this weight loss secret

eliminates dangerous toxins, free radicals and heavy metals

from your body to unlock energy reserves that make you feel young again and breathe vitality into every cell in your body.

That’s exactly what Patricia in
Youngstown, Ohio, discovered:

She lost 28 pounds and several inches off her waist and thighs.She knew it had happened when she tried on a dress and her usual size 16 size didn't fit around her anymore. She went all the way down to a size 8!

Then there’s Sarah from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida:

Sarah dropped a whopping 57 pounds. She tried every diet and workout problem out there, but couldn't stick with it. Now she's losing more weight and her self-esteem has improve.

Listen to what Amanda from Boston says:

Dear Stephanie,

I’ll admit I was skeptical, but what you showed me was hard to ignore, and now that I’ve tried it, I can say it’s amazing! Before reading your article, I was 25 pounds overweight and my doctor said my blood pressure was way too high and my cholesterol was through the roof, and he prescribed several meds that were only partially covered by insurance.

I was a lost cause. But then you explained the science behind your technique, and it was so simple and made so much sense. I figured what did I have to lose?

27 pounds, that’s what! In 2 months I’d totally changed my life! I feel great, my BP and cholesterol have dropped back to normal, and I look better than I have in years.

These are just a few nice words out of

tens of thousands of success stories I've received

I’ll share more later, but before I do, it’s critical that I tell you how this system works

and why it not only transforms your body, it saves your life.

Like most people, Jordan was skeptical – even after she lost 41 pounds, looked great and felt better than she had since she was 25!

She wanted medical proof that it was my system that changed her, so she drove all the way from Missouri for a complete physical at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore.

The doctors were amazed that her genetic and lab analysis showed that even though she was 41, her body was that of a woman 20 years younger. These were some of the world’s most prominent physicians.

Just 2 years ago, Jordan was flabby, headed for a heart attack and at risk of developing type 2 diabetes. She never had any energy and her sex life was going down the tubes.

She wanted to change but didn’t have the energy to spend hours in the gym, and she had put off thinking about her health for so long that it was nearly too late.

Sharon almost died in 2014

She had decided it was time to take action, and she didn’t ease into it. She went full out and decided to run 3 miles.

After the first mile, it got tough. Jordan gasped for air and felt the burn in her muscles, but she kept going. No pain no gain!

Half a mile later, she got what felt like a stitch in her side. She ignored it until her heart started hammering. Then she fell down on her knees, doubled over in pain.

Jordan could hardly catch her breath for several long minutes, but eventually the pain let up.

Amazingly, instead of calling it quits, she kept going. After that, things went from bad to worse.

Jordan, who was 40 then, didn’t realize that there was something seriously wrong with her heart and these were all warning signs.

Two nights later, after she and her husband, Tyler, went out for dinner, she woke up with crushing chest pains and labored breathing. Thinking it was just food acid, Jordan took some Tums and waited for the heartburn to subside.

But what we all fear was about to happen to Jordan. An hour after she had been woken by the pain, her left arm started to tingle.

She woke up her husband, who said it didn’t sound like heartburn to him and that she was having symptoms of a heart attack. It was time to go to the emergency room, but she felt good enough to drive herself so Tyler could stay home – reluctantly – with the kids.

It was a life-changing doctor’s visit.

The doctors confirmed that she’d had a mild heart attack. She was told that she was considered obese and that her weight had brought on cardiovascular damage.

Jordan was shocked. Here she was, 41 and trying to get fit. And as a result, she’d found out she had heart disease. She didn't sleep that night.

Jordan sat with Tyler after returning from the ER and cried like a baby. She wondered how long she’d be around, if she’d see her kids grow up, and whether she’d leave her husband a single dad.

What about all her plans? Their trip to Europe next year? The side business they were going to start together?

The next morning Jordan helped get the kids off to school. As they got on the bus, she wondered, “Will this be the last time I see them?”

That ER visit was a wakeup call. Jordan knew she needed to drop a few pounds, but hadn’t imagined anything like this.

Like most of us, Jordan was good at denial. Sure, she was a little out of shape, but she’d get around to making changes soon. She made excuses and turned to fitness fads and quick fixes, wasting hundreds of dollars on things that didn’t work.

Weight loss systems like Nutrisystem, Atkins, Slim Fast and South Beach are all about

restricting your diet, counting calories and starving yourself.

Jordan thought what she was doing was right and was frustrated by the lack of results.

When she was on one diet or another, she felt extreme hunger, especially at night. What she didn’t realize was that these diets simply restrict caloric intake and when your body is starved, it turns to survival mode – storing food as fat as a means of preservation.

She was so hungry because she was depriving herself of carbohydrates, which is how your body refuels and generates energy. So Jordan wasn’t losing weight, her muscles weren’t getting any stronger, and her body wasn’t shaping up. She was starving it of the proteins and nutrients it needed to get stronger and burn fat.

Jordan thought about all the money she had wasted on Paleo, Nutrisystem and TLC diet programs. They had shrunk her bank account but not her stomach.

The diets that preached portion-sized meals just weren’t enough food. An hour after dinner, she’d get hungry and couldn’t fight the urge to eat – usually junk food.

On top of everything, Jordan's LDL level (bad cholesterol) was high, which intensified the danger of her heart condition. Her body was so loaded with fat that her triglyceride levels – blood sugar – were over 300, a huge contributing factor to heart disease and diabetes.

Not even a week later, Jordan was struck with a massive wave of depression. She shell to her knees by the bed, sobbing.

Her 10-year-old son was watching from the doorway. He walked over quietly, put his arms around her, and said, “It’s okay, Mom. Jesus will take care of you.”

She gave him a big hug, taking comfort in his bravery.

But the next day at her doctor’s office would put the final nail in Jordan's coffin of depression.

As she waited for word from the doctor, each second crept by. After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor came in and told her about the bleak consequences of ignoring her weight for so long.

She said,

Jordan, if you don’t lose 40 pounds, I’m not sure how long your heart can keep going. You can’t keep ignoring your health. Your blood pressure is 175/110, your BMI is over 30, and your cholesterol levels are through the roof.”

Then something amazing happened.

According to "The Obesity Medicine Association (OMA)

From what they found during their studies. The biggest reason men and women in their 30’s, 40’s and even 60’s don’t lose weight is because of metabolic acidosis. It occurs when your kidneys can't get rid of food acid, which makes your body store fat and throws your fat-burning cycles out of whack.

And it doesn’t matter how much you work out. Metabolic acidosis makes it impossible to lose an ounce of fat.

Independently verified medical studies demonstrate that metabolic acidosis is the primary reason 93.6% of people struggle with weight loss, even after hours in the gym and crazy diets.

The rotting gunk inside our bodies is the acids we’re not getting rid of.

An overly acidic body retains fat to protect itself against harmful acids that weaken your immune system and interfere with important metabolic processes. Ignoring it only packs on weight until you get fat buildup around your arteries.

The latest studies show that most people living in large populations, especially in western cultures, are dangerously stressed, causing the production of a destructive acid called cortisol – the “fight or flight” hormone your body produces when you’re scared, angry or stressed.

You know the kind of stress I mean: regular anxiety or even anxiety attacks, slogging through a dirty divorce, constantly worrying about money, and getting depressed about your weight.

And the news only gets worse.

Many people have little or no energy and feel tired all the time. They eat the wrong foods at the wrong times, which throws natural fat-burning cycles off balance.

Then there’s the weight loss see-saw. You drop a few pounds but they come back with friends!

I was on the verge of a huge breakthrough that could revolutionize the health industry and help obese people beat the fat and keep it off.

The average person lost an average of 3 pounds that first week, with only light physical activity and no diet changes.

The crazy part is that the plan increased the number of carbs these people could eat – which they loved – and also increased their sodium intake. This flies in the face of common fitness “wisdom,” but they continued to lose weight fast!

We’re talking about 3 pounds per week on average, plus they had 10 times as much energy. They felt stronger and looked younger than they had in years.

On the weekends, these people were pigging out on bread, pasta, and pizza. Doing everything a person losing weight shouldn’t be doing, right?

Everyone had to take a complete physical. When the results came back, I was flabbergasted to see men and women in their 40’s with LDL levels at 70 – almost perfect!

One of our doctors, a National Guard captain, was so astonished he made a special trip to come and tell me that he didn’t understand why nearly every soldier I’d been working with had blood pressure around 110 over 80. These numbers are what you’d expect in kids and 20-somethings.

They all experienced a dramatic reduction in body fat and an incredible boost in energy.

With emotional call after emotional call and thousands of Facebook messages from total strangers, it became clear this was my calling.

I was determined to get this breakthrough into the hands of the masses, even if I risked the ire of “health” industry peddlers who wanted to take me down.

I listed dozens of the most powerful recipes, foods to eat, and minerals you should add to your diet to eradicate fat, turn back the clock and revitalize traumatized cells.

Plus, our system includes a step-by-step plan to change your eating cycles and jump-start your metabolic processes within the first 3 days.

My campaign has angered the Weight Watchers and Atkins folks, but who cares about  them. What I’m sharing is just too important for you to learn, and it will guarantee a healthy and energetic body.

I Present You...

The Mediterranean Meal Plan Course

Based on the 53,816 people who, as of the time of this writing, have use The Mediterranean Meal Plan Course, the average weight loss over the course of the program is 22 pounds, or more than a pound every 72 hours..

U.S. News Best Diet Ranks:

The Mediterranean Diet ranked #1 in Best Diets Overall. 41 diets were evaluated with input from a panel of health experts.

This system isn't just a quick fix.

You’ll lose weight, repair damaged cells and revitalize your body, and The Mediterranean Meal Plan Course is designed to give you 100% confidence that you have the power to keep the weight off permanently.

It’s not a one-shot deal. And because everyone has different needs, we give you the tools you need to achieve optimal health, show you the how and the why, then let you manage your health in the way that works best for you.

That’s why you get tracking charts so you can monitor your metabolism, internal health and diet and make adjustments where you need them.

The Mediterranean Meal Plan Course requires no restrictive dieting, calorie counting or impossible-to-follow rules...

Here’s What You’ll Learn In The Mediterranean Meal Plan Course...

  • An understanding of the Mediterranean Diet and why it should become the basis of your Mediterranean Meal Plan
  • The ability to lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health issues
  • Recipes and Guides that you can download and use daily to lose 25 pounds instantly...
  • A way to create a Mediterranean Meal Plan for yourself that is healthy and enjoyable
  • An understanding of how nutrition is very closely related to your health and well-being

What People Are Saying...

"I've lost 50 lbs in since started eating the Mediterranean Diet way. This meal plan course put me on right path when I started."

-Taylor R.

"Ever since I've started The Mediterranean Meal Plan Course. I've lost 23 lbs! My cholesterol levels have lowered and I'm feeling overall healthy"

-Erin W.

"I remember I was lost trying to get started in this WOE (Way of Eating). This course is great for any beginner getting into the Mediterranean Diet. Lost 14 lbs so far and feeling great."

-Megan M.

This Must-Have Course Is Perfect For You If:

  • You want to start losing those excess fat around your waistline and bulging tummy
  • You want to get your fitness and life back on track due to years of health negligence and piled-up stress on the body
  • You want to start eating healthier but don’t know where to start
  • You’re unsure of where to get the help you need to guide you through all that over-30 and above wellness confusion
  • All that fitness programs just aren’t working out for you and you’re looking for a natural alternative to staying healthy

You will start seeing positive results and notice amazing differences when you implement what you’re about to learn in this Master Course.

  • Feel that unstoppable energy flowing through you and you know you can take on simply anything!
  • Live a longer, healthier and happier life! (A life that you never knew possible!)
  • Flatten your belly overnight and feel amazingly confident about yourself!
  • Get incredibly in shape and radiant-looking! (Your friends will beg to know your secrets)

To sum it all up, you will:

So here’s the deal: promise me that you’ll put everything that you’ve learned in the next 60 days. These simple methods are easy to implement.

If you’re not completely satisfied, simply return your order within 60 days for a full refund.

I’ll see that your money is promptly refunded.

You have my word on it.

So Why Wait Another Day?!

Your Investment in Getting Your Life back is 100% Guaranteed…

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  • Every recipe takes 30 minutes or less from start to finish - some are much quicker!
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  • The 4-week Mediterranean diet meal plan covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
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Secret Bonus #4- Heart Health Remedy

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  • Find out exactly what steps and actions you need to take today in order to start lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol in the shortest time possible!
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  • Know precisely what dietary changes that will have the fastest, most effective impact on your heart health.
  • Discover exactly how to balance four critical nutrients – sodium, potassium, magnesium, and calcium to drop blood pressure levels quicker than anything else.
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Secret Bonus #5- Mediterranean Diet For Beginners

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  • An easy to follow, no nonsense approach to more healthy eating emphasizing lean meats, lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
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  • Beginner recipes that are easy to follow
  • 28 day menu ideas which include plan ahead tips and great recipes.
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  •  If you are interested in learning about the Mediterranean diet then this book is a very good place to start.

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It will definitely take some dedication, but if you stick with it, I am so confident that you will see the results you are looking for - just like so many others before you - that I'm willing to let you try out the program for the full 60 days risk-FREE! If you aren't completely satisfied with how far you've come, contact me by email within 60 days and I will refund you 100%!

Submitted photos from users who took the course

I have lost almost 44 pounds and my attitude towards food, health, and about myself has changed completely. I feel amazing! For me, taking this course started a complete recalibration in my life.


I have tried lots of diets over the years and been successful lots of times but have always ended up going to extreme lengths to keep losing and always ended up putting the weight back on. 

I have lost 109 pounds so far after taking the Mediterranean Meal Plan Course.

I have osteoarthritis and couldn’t walk much because of the pain in my knees. I now walk at least 5 miles every day. My IBS is gone and I feel rejuvenated. 

This way of living has given me a new lease of life and I am loving life!


In July last year, I was 279 lbs and I am 5’8″  I turned 47 right after I started The Mediterranean Meal Plan Course.  I am now 175 lbs 

I implemented everything and was very strict with myself to follow recommendations. Furthermore, my doctor told me my that my cholesterol has lowered and I'm feeling healthier than ever. It was an amazing experience. I can now say no to sweets and bad food. I have attached my pictures and hope it will inspire others. I will never go back.

Thank you


I was genuinely surprised by the speed of the results and as the weight started to fall off, I was increasingly passionate about the benefits of the mediterranean diet.

Having dropped almost a quarter of my body weight in just over two months the scores came back completely normal. I feeling healthier than ever



There’s zero risk so give this method a try. Give your health a fighting chance. That’s all I ask. Get a copy now and use it as your master guide in leading a long and healthy life.

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The choice is yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Why do I keep going back to my old “out of shape” self?

  • Answer:
    • You work out for a few months, get in shape, then fall back into old habits because you weren’t conditioned mentally, only physically.
    • All fitness is 80 percent mental. Gyms and personal trainers give folks a temporary band-aid but never address the real issue.
    • The Mediterranean Meal Plan Course includes proven strategies for getting your mind in the right state to make your journey so much easier.

Question: What results can I expect the first week?

  • Answer
    • Every day, you’ll notice how simple my methods are and how the secret minerals and nutrients speed up the fat burning process – even while you sleep!
    • Everyone is different, but after the first week with The Mediterranean Meal Plan Course, most people have more energy, drop pounds, get joint relief, and feel happy and motivated.

Question: How does the guarantee work?

  • Answer
    • No sweat - literally!
    • You get a full 60 days to try the program and if you’re not satisfied for any reason, simply send me an email and I’ll refund your investment immediately with no questions asked.

Only $97 $19.97!

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