No More Counting Calories with These Mouth-Watering Meals

Spend 75% Less Time In The Kitchen While Making Delicious Mediterranean Meals In 2024 The Whole Family Will Love...

Read on to discover how I’ve done all the hard work - so you don't have to - to turbocharge your Mediterranean lifestyle by cooking tasty food in less time, and way cheaper than ordering takeout.

I've compiled my best recipes into one book so you can focus on pleasuring your tastebuds instead of doing math.

Dear Fellow Mediterranean Enthusiast…

Imagine being able to feast on some of the tastiest genuine Mediterranean meals that you know are as good for you as they are appetizing.

And picture the admiration of your loved ones as they delight in yet another of your scrumptious creations, having been converted to the joys of eating the Mediterranean way.

Impossible? I Thought So Too – Until I Actually Achieved All That!

Hi… my name is Stephanie and I now enjoy the deep personal satisfaction of having honed my own battle-tested Mediterranean recipes to such a fine state of deliciousness my husband has been recently converted to becoming a staunch Mediterranean enthusiast – saving me the thrice-daily hassle of having to cook two different meals at once.

But it wasn’t always like that...

Because I’d struggled for ages to find reliable recipes to allow me to eat proper Mediterranean meals that were both healthy and easy to prepare, while  also having to cook another separate, non-keto, meal at the same time for my friends and family.

Perhaps you have a similar ‘two-meal’ problem, right now?

Sure, there are plenty of free Mediterranean recipes on the internet, but you only find out once you get started how impossibly complicated they are.

And then, AFTER you’ve wasted precious time slaving over a hot stove you are disappointed to discover they don’t turn out the way they were supposed to.

So you have to shovel it all in the trash – wasted – and start over.


Of course, there are some good Mediterranean recipes available for free on the internet – but can you afford all the time and expensive ingredients you need risk to find a good one?

But I’m pretty tenacious, so I kept beavering away, taking promising, but flawed, recipes and modifying them to bring them up to an acceptable level, until – one day – I realized…

I’d Finally ‘Cracked The Mediterranean Code’

Because after many frustrating mealtime disasters, I slowly managed to build my own personal portfolio of recipes that were not only quick and easy to prepare but were also genuinely Mediterranean, healthy and a real treat to the eye - and the taste buds.  

And I knew I’d finally achieved something special when my family, started to look longingly at MY plate instead of their own and then, finally started to tuck in to my Mediterranean meals with great gusto!

Transforming mealtimes into something to look forward to, rather than dread.

Then a thought occurred to me.

I figured there were many good folks, just like you, struggling to follow a Mediterranean diet that’s healthy, easy on your budget and both quick and easy to prepare and so irresistible they might even convince the rest of the family to eat the same food – saving you a ton of hassle in the kitchen.

You Don’t Have To Go Through The Same Mediterranean Frustration I Experienced!

  • Because I’ve now gathered my proven Mediterranean recipes into an easy to follow cook book you can trust completely and which will delight even Mediterranean beginners who will be thrilled to discover turning out delicious meals takes so little effort, while more experienced Mediterranean cooks will also appreciate the variety and reliability of my recipes.
  • And I even gone the extra mile for you and calculated all the nutritional information so you don’t have to. 
  • What’s more, I’ve also provided accurate, full color photos of the finished meals, so you know what you’re getting before you begin.

So I’m Now Ready To Proudly Presenting The Essential Mediterranean Cookbook…

And here’s just a tiny peek at some of the delicious meals you can be cooking as early as tonight.

There are over 200 highly tempting – yet strictly Mediterranean - recipes in all, including breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as tasty snacks smoothies, so you’re bound to find many dishes you love whatever the time of day.

Best bit?

Every meal is a complete no-brainer to create, because I’ve done all that for you.

All You Have To Do Is Follow The Simple Step-By-Baby-Step Recipes And ENJOY!

The recipes are so easy to follow that – even if you’ve struggled to fry an egg before – you’ll soon be amazing your friends and family and enjoying a wonderful sense of personal achievement with your new-found cooking skills!

So imagine sitting down to this breakfast…

And how about this for a taste sensation without cooking and served up a lightening fast lunch?

Who doesn’t like Italian cuisine? So here’s a tasty a classic Italian dish…

What People Are Saying...

I’ve allowed a very limited number of Mediterranean rookies - as well as more experienced Mediterranean fans - to try out my recipes and here’s what they reported…

"I’m so happy I started my journey with this book. My husband and I are always cooking together and this book has become our favorite"

Cameron L.

"Great recipes! Tasty and uses ingredients we already had. Happy with my purchase"

Camille S.

"AWESOME cookbook. We make four or five meals a week with it."

Ashley J.

You Might Possibly Be Thinking This

You can clearly see the obvious advantage of making your Mediterranean meal preparation oh so easy based on proven recipes, like those above, where not only are they really easy to prepare but you can enjoy supreme confidence they will turn out as shown in the full color photos of each dish.

But naturally you’re worried such a surefire recipe collection as this requires an investment the size of a king’s ransom.

You're Right!

A comprehensive program like this, where you can enjoy the advantages of a Mediterranean lifestyle without all the normal problems of doing your own calculations and even having a decent shot at making life EVEN easier by converting non-mediterranean members of your family to eat the same as you SHOULD certainly require a hefty investment.

But I’m Here To Help You – Not Soak You

But, before I reveal the very special deal I have for you today, I want to make one thing crystal clear.

I take all the risk here.

You see, I know just how quick and easy my recipes make it to prepare mouth-watering, mega-tasty meals and you’ve already read the comments of both the Mediterranean newbies and more experienced folks who have already used my recipes.


But nothing beats you being able to personally satisfy yourself these recipes are perfect for you.

So I’m going to let you take the whole program away for a full 60 day test drive.

60 Days Money Back Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk for you. If you don't love everything you get, all you do is let us know (within 60 days of your purchase), and we'll refund you with no questions asked. We want you to be 100% satisfied!

Remember I Said I Had A Very Special Deal For You Today?

Here it is.

I’m only just releasing this brand new recipe collection.

So – apart from the few lucky folks like Cameron, Camille, and Ashley, who commented earlier - you will be one of the very first people to get your hands on it.

But one thing I am missing, and which you can help with if you’d be so kind, is a few more testimonials.

So here’s the deal

Now I’m officially launching my collection I’m minded to set the investment in proven hassle-free Mediterranean eating at $29.99.

But, the first people to get on board will enjoy a substantial launch discount of $24 - slashing your investment today from $29.99 right down to just $5.95 bucks.

And even that tiny investment in your future mealtime enjoyment and good health is not at any risk, because – remember - it’s fully protected by my cast-iron 60 day guarantee.

But, because this lower investment it makes it even easier for you to test drive the program, I’m hoping you might find the time to send me a short testimonial, once you’ve enjoyed the amazing results, I know you’ll soon be enjoying. 

But, if you are having such a great time with your new slimmer body and your new zest for life that you’ve no time to send me a testimonial, then I’ll quite understand and won’t chase you up.

Fair Enough?

So – as your investment in this program will never be any lower than it is now - doesn’t it make perfect sense to invest in it right now, while you can still secure it for the smallest possible (risk-free) investment?

After all, it’s completely digital, so – if you DO decide you want a refund - it’s not like you have to pack it all up, and mail it back to me is it?

You Now Have A Crystal Clear Choice

You can either carry on as before, wasting ages trawling the internet looking for a Mediterranean recipe idea that appeals to you and then gamble that new recipe you’ve just found on the internet will be as easy, hassle-free and tasty as they claim?


Will you simply spend an enjoyable minute or two happily flicking through the 200 proven Mediterranean recipes in my collection and be preparing it within minutes with total confidence you’ll soon be sitting down to yet another mouth-watering, totally satisfying genuine Mediterranean meal that is as good for your health as it tastes.

And, because I’m determined you’ll enjoy total success with your Essential Mediterranean Cookbook, I’m also giving you these two Fast Free Gifts to greatly enhance your knowledge of the Mediterranean Diet lifestyle and your experience of the program.

Free Gift #1 – ’30 Mediterranean Meals In Under 30 Minutes Cookbook'

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Yes!, I Want To Banish The Drudgery From Cooking Great Mediterranean Meals!


Only $29.99 $5.95!

Instant Digital Access - All 3 books will be emailed to you immediately.
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  No Questions Asked.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk for you. If you don't love everything you get, all you do is let us know (within 60 days of your purchase), and we'll refund you with no questions asked. We want you to be 100% satisfied!

Test Out The Recipes...and if they don't meet your expectations in any way, then simply email us and we'll give you a full refund.

Only $29.99 $5.95!

Instant Digital Access - All 3 books will be emailed to you immediately.
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.  No Questions Asked.

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